This blog has been created in Ghost. Why? Because we got sick and tired of WordPress. All we wanted to do is write and share our thoughts, ideas and discoveries we think that others might be interested in. WordPress just got in the way. With all it's features we were spending hours removing the "cruft". The seemingly weekly updates would break functionality and require days of debugging. Ultimately taking us away from why we wanted to create a blog in the first place.

Here are reasons we like Ghost:

  • Operation is simple and straight forward. You want to write a post, you write a post.
  • A clean design. As I am writing this I am looking at a page that is dominated by content. A menu to the left provides access to managing site-wide features; a gear icon in the upper right process access to managing the elements of this blog post. Removing all the unnessary bits and providing an environment for one to focus on sharing a story, thought or idea.